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For 25 years, we have been creating specialized information and analytical websites with up-to-date news from the IT sphere, detailed reviews, articles, and more. Our websites cover daily topics on digital technologies and modern solutions based on them.
IXBT projects
The largest website for IT specialists, system administrators, and geeks. We write about everything — from processors to multicookers and scooters.
We write about virtual entertainment without hysteria and slang. The YouTube channel deserves special attention.
Blogs where ordinary users write. If you want to read personal opinions of real people about technology and gadgets.
One of the oldest forums in Russia. Here you can find answers to almost any questions, especially about technology.
IXBT media group in numbers
Ranked #2 in the list of the most cited media in the IT and Telecom industries according to Medialogia
  • 67 mln
    pageviews per month
  • 19 mln
    unique users per month
  • 2 mln
    daily visitors
  • 250
    daily publications
Audience portrait
Who reads IXBT media and how
  • 73%
    Users are from Russia
    5.36% – Kazakhstan, 6.24% – Belarus
  • 70%
    25-54 years old
    7% – 18-24 years old, 20% – over 54 years old
  • 70%
    30% – women
Audience interests
  • Technology & Electronics
  • Games
  • Vehicles & Transport
  • Home Appliances
  • Business & Finances
  • Travel
  • Entertainment & Hobbies
  • Internet & Telecom
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Audience quality
We don't have random people. iXBT media is read by those who seek deep expertise.
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We can create banners and special projects, videos and articles, news and blogs, streams and podcasts, research and expert opinions
High traffic
We can generate 1 million impressions and thousands of clicks in one day
Reasonable prices
We understand the advertiser's goals and don't try to get money for ineffective placement, choosing long-term partnership instead
Flexible offer
We will find an effective solution for any budget. Limited possibilities don't scare us
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We have programmatic placement, targeting, native advertising, video integrations, and more. Advertising on iXBT is not just about banners...
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