Projects we have implemented
Special projects
Turnkey solutions
Creation, placement, and promotion of content, collection of statistics, and presentation to the client in a convenient format
Creation, placement, and promotion of photo and video content, collection, and analysis of statistics
Honor special project
For the company Honor, we have created a long-lasting project that has been going on for five years. In addition to a full-fledged brand site, the special project included media content and advertising placements. We do everything ourselves: develop, approve, produce, place, and promote.
Editorial content
in a branded wrapper
We practically created a separate section for the company Honor, collecting both editorial and vendor content.

This is not a classic "branding" — integration is much deeper, and the interface was fully developed and approved by the client. Thus, interactive product cards with the main characteristics of Honor devices are neatly integrated into the brand zone.

At the same time, all brand zone materials remain full-fledged IXBT pages: our readers see news in the feed, can comment on materials, and share them on social networks without additional authorizations.
Various sources of traffic
Visitors come to the brand zone from different pages:
  • From the Main page, sections, and news feed of IXBT when viewing materials about Honor
  • From search engines, social networks, and news aggregators
  • By clicking on the button in the top menu of our website
  • From advertising banners placed on our site
We don't need "fake" followers: our entire audience is alive, and the statistics are transparent.
For the company Honor, our designers prepare banner layouts for all types of placements:
  • Branding — a premium banner that frames our content and attracts attention
  • Banner 300x600 — the most popular format on the Internet, a "vertical" banner
  • Banner 1920x600 — for branding. Such banners are placed in a "carousel" and dynamically change. This way, you can show several products in one place
  • Mobile versions for smartphones and tablets — to make advertising even more effective on small screens

Buying placements in a package helps save the budget and plan advertising in the "hottest" period — before the New Year.
Omen special project
As part of the promotional campaign for the new Omen 15 laptop from Hewlett-Packard, we prepared a comprehensive special project, with all work done by our specialists: from developing an interactive landing page to presenting final statistics in a convenient format.
The basis of the project was an interactive landing page with animated elements and detailed information about the new product
Banner layouts
Our designers prepared advertising layouts for placement on our websites: on IXBT Games and in specialized forums of the IXBT Forum, premium brandings were placed, naturally framing the content.

For the specialized section of IXBT "Laptops and Tablets", we used 300x600 banners for the desktop version of the site and 300x250 for mobile.
Text editorial content
Editorial reviews in the familiar text format added good indexing to the project in search engines. In addition to detailed comprehensive testing, typical of an IXBT project, a "light" review was released on IXBT Games, aimed at a gaming audience.
Full video production cycle
As part of the special project, our video studio specialists produced and placed two videos: a studio presentation review and a "live" review demonstrating the main features.
We placed and promoted both videos on social media, providing additional coverage.
Detailed reports
For client convenience, we prepared a dynamic page with final statistics, displaying indicators both in a familiar tabular format and visually on a graph.

We uploaded data for reporting statistics directly from Google Analytics, which allowed us to display reports with any level of detail.
Classic banners
Examples of standard banner placements:300х600, 728х90 и 728х250 pixels
Our premium format that immediately attracts attention on the page
Video production
From live reports to video presentations
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