We have created a convenient blogging platform for companies where they can engage with their audience, publish news, announce promotions, and answer readers' questions. In other words, IXBT Market provides a platform where brands and their audience can have a live dialogue.
Why IXBT Market?
We have 6 reasons ↓
We are first in search results
Thanks to the reputation and popularity of our platform, all materials end up on the first pages of Google and Yandex for relevant queries.
We are popular
300,000 views — our monthly traffic.

This is 200,000 users who on average view 2 pages per session.
We are trusted
We publish materials and work honestly with advertising, complying with all requirements of Russian legislation. The audience respects this and returns again and again.
We are read with interest
On each page, users spend an average of more than 4 minutes. Our content is of interest to readers.
We are effective
Our audience is financially capable people aged 25 and older who love technology and gadgets.
We are flexible
You can choose from various tariff plans or request a special offer from us. We will always help you achieve your tasks, goals, and plans.
Why does a company
need a blog on IXBT Market?
You will gain access to your audience
with minimal investment
  • Building brand image
    An audience interested in technology will be able to learn about all your news in the right place.
  • No limitations
    It doesn't matter who you are — a brand or a vendor, distributor, store, service, application, or even an aggregator and marketplace. We welcome anyone who can tell an interesting story about themselves.
  • Constant contact with the audience
    In addition to your social networks, you will be able to reach out to those who use traditional media and talk to them.
These brands are already with us
Those who have already created their own blogs on our platform and are working towards results
IXBT Market
tariff plans
A company card with a detailed description, logo, website link, and a list of posts
A block with links to social networks in all blog posts
A widget in your profile (any image and clickable link)
The company logo on the main page of IXBT Market
(if there are free spaces)
The ability to publish posts on behalf of the company
(with pre-moderation)
The ability to publish 2 press releases monthly + editor consultations and proofreading from IXBT
Publication of 2 unique news items (rewrite from IXBT, monthly)
Creating and publishing 1 article (monthly) according to the company's technical task
Displaying posts from the company's blog on the main page of IXBT in the Market News section
Personal manager from IXBT + discounts on advertising
IXBT editorial consultations on blog management and assistance with setup
Price per 1 month (excluding VAT)
25 000 ₽
40 000 ₽
Not available
Price per 3 months (excluding VAT)
50 000 ₽
100 000 ₽
250 000 ₽
Price per 6 months (excluding VAT)
90 000 ₽
150 000 ₽
450 000 ₽
Price per 12 months (excluding VAT)
150 000 ₽
290 000 ₽
770 000 ₽
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