Special projects
All of our advertising positions can be combined to create unique special projects. Such combinations are much more effective than individual placements: we help to select the most effective formats to reach the widest possible audience.

These are so-called "full-cycle" projects: we do all the work, from planning and development to final statistics and analysis of campaign effectiveness.
We have our own web studio
We are able to create websites of any complexity: interactive landing pages, multi-page promos, and dedicated brand zones on our projects.

We host them on our servers, fill them with content, and ensure coverage.
Content production
We have specialists in all areas: journalists and copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers and editors, announcers and hosts.

They write reviews for projects, shoot and edit videos, take photos, and create advertising banners
Placement and promotion
We don't need to inflate views. We place banners, buttons in the menu on the website, and publications on social networks, and readers come to us on their own.
Personal manager and transparent statistics
For each advertising position, we provide detailed statistics in a convenient format.

For special projects, we prepare interactive reporting that is only available to the client. On these pages, you can see fresh statistics in the form of graphs, tables, and widgets at any time, filter it by placement period or individual advertising position, and export reports to Excel.

Each special project is managed by our specialist who will take care of all communication with designers, programmers, accountants, and editors. And also - decode the meaning of indicators and suggest how to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
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