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We have created and developed a blog platform that allows users to generate content themselves. Unlike editorial materials, user articles are easier to understand, but cover a wider range of topics and attract the attention
of various groups of readers
Why IXBT Live?
Six reasons to choose our platform
We are first in search results
Thanks to the reputation and popularity of our platform, reviews consistently appear at the top of relevant search queries
We are popular
25,000,000 views — our monthly traffic. This is 8,500,000 users who on average view 5 pages per session
We are trusted
We ensure that only original opinions are published, not advertisements. And readers pay us by coming back
Our content is read with interest
Users spend an average of more than 4 minutes on each page. This shows that our content is interesting to readers
We cover all topics
Among our authors are many specialists: from audio to flashlights. And we help them find their audience
We are effective
Our audience consists of financially capable people aged 25 and older who love technology and gadgets. And we have almost no minors — only 5.4%
IXBT Live in numbers
  • 25 mln
    per month
  • 8,5 mln
    unique users
    per month
  • 650 k
    daily visitors
  • 50
    daily publications
Audience portrait
Who reads IXBT Live and how
  • 73%
    Users from Russia
    6,5% — Belarus, 5,5% — Kazakhstan
  • 64%
    25-54 years old
    7,63% — 18-24 years old, 26% — over 54 years old
  • 74%
    26% — women
Audience interests
Notebooks, tablets, e-books
Video and smartphone games
Home appliances
Cryptos, NFT & Finances
Travel & Tourism
Hobby & DIY
Network devices
Hi-Fi & Digital sound
Clothes & Accessorises
Videocards & Monitors
Movies and TV shows
Books & Comics
Keyboards, Office & Gaming peripherals
ПК Platform
Programs, services and websites
TV, Projectors, TV-boxes
Smartphones & Mobile phones
HDD, SSD, Flash memory & other data storage devices
Videocameras, Action cameras & accessorises
Drones, models, constructors
Chargers, power banks, wires and adapters
Cases, Power supply, UPS, Coolers, Surge protectors
Digital photo & Accessorises
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